About Us

MAC Autoadesivi

MAC is one of the most important producers of adhesive tapes for packaging and printable purposes in Europe, and this thanks to the constant attention to its customers’ requests, to its flexibility, and to the high quality of its products.

Our history

MAC was born in 1994 as vertical integration of Fralex srl – a company specialised in the production and sale of adhesive tapes for home, school and office.
Installing its first coating line did not only mean the improvement of quality standardisation and the reduction of supply time of jumbo rolls for Fralex’ cutting machines, it also brought MAC into the packaging world.

MAC reaf rmed its role in 1998 with the purchase of its second coating line, gaining, this way, a crucial role in the European market.

Hereinafter, thanks to its dynamism and targeted investments – as the production of printable tapes and the development of its Quality Control Research and Development Laboratory – MAC made a name of itself and became an ideal partner for those who demanded quality and flexibility from their suppliers.
In the last few years MAC has carried on further crucial investments, i.e. the installation of its third coating line, of its fourth cutting line and the automation of every step of the production chain. However MAC made important investments not only for its physical capital, but also for its human capital, promoting training programs about essential issues like quality, environment and safety for all its collaborators. Thanks to all these efforts in 2012 MAC obtained the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications (quality and environment management systems).
MAC obtained also the OHSAS 18001 certification (safety management system) in July 2013 and the EMAS registration in May 2014.

Our strengths




To compete on international markets doesn’t only mean producing quality products according to adequate cost parameters, but also guaranteeing a very quick reaction and quick lead times. Among our customers, we are generally known as a reliable partner, attentive to customers’ needs.
They recognise our planning ability to realize specific tailored products; everyone can maintain the hallmarks of its own company, but always supported by the high quality of Mac Autoadesivi products.


In 1994 the choice to get into the acrylic water-based sector was surely moved by less expensive investments to initialize the production system. However this technology was doubtless more risky. In fact, productively speaking, it was less flexible: only few suppliers could provide raw materials, the know-how was still limited and the European market was steered by other two already widely spread and affirmed technologies (Hot Melt and natural rubber resin/Solvent).
In 1998 buying and starting the second coating line wasn’t just an important investment but also a challenge, whose aim was to spread and affirm a high performance and more eco-friendly product than other technologies were.
Thanks to the complete synergy with its partners MAC Autoadesivi found, during the years, a solid position on the market; it first started from those territories that demanded high quality and care for the environment and then broadened out in whole Europe. Mac also committed itself to project and develop new alternative products (HMA and SA).
Tomorrow’s challenge will be to produce many more adhesive tapes that today involve different technologies.