Our Footprint

The ecological footprint of our products

Thanks to the help of its environmental consultants and through the implementation of its Environmental Management System, MAC Autoadesivi carried a test on the life cycle of its standard tape (code 4030) comparing it to standard products that use different technologies.
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an objective calculation means used to evaluate and quantify the energetic and environmental loads and the potential impacts a product can have, starting from its raw materials extraction till the end of its life. Even if the study is not certi ed according to UNI EN ISO 14040 data are directly collected in the production and certi ed by a third body (Bureau Veritas)
which makes the study more than reliable.
The main goal of this study wasn’t just a general evaluation of the LCA of PPL acrylic water-based tapes produced by MAC Autoadesivi, but also a specific comparison between the impact of the technology we’ve always invested in and other technologies. In order to do that we’ve studied our polluting indices and we’ve compared them to those of other technologies using the data provided by ENEA, the Italian agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.

The results confirm what we’ve always been convinced of: our products are much more eco-friendly under all the examined aspects. However we’ll never consider this as an arrival point but rather as a starting point in order to get better and better day by day. Our EMS has been implemented to control and improve our production cycle from an environmental point of view. This is why we’ll do our best every day to lower our waste and to use less energy during production.